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"SECOND LINE, 100 Years of New Orleans Drumming" by drummer and researcher Antoon Aukes, is published by the C. L. Barnhouse Company in Iowa U.S.A.

Illustrated, 176 pages, with Index and CD.

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It has been 10 years since my book was published by Barnhouse Co. Last februari showed that in these years over 1000 copies have been sold. Thank you all, you second liners all over the globe. Keep on.

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Modern Drummer
"xxxxx" 5 stars (the max.)
"Though our author hails from The Netherlands, his heart lies way down yonder in New Orleans - impressive overview - helpful exercises - all CD examples well chosen and played. Don't let Aukes' address throw you; this is the real deal".

Percussive Notes (published by the Percussive Arts Society)
"An encyclopedia of a style of drumming whose roots have influenced all drummers all examples expertly performed by Aukes".

Slagwerkkrant (Dutch drum magazine)

"Excellent, check this out!"

Ton van Bergeijk (guitar legend)
"Everything you always wanted to know.... This is the ultimate book on NO-drumming. I'm not a drummer, I'm a guitarist (and rhythm-section man) and this book has given me insight in the rhythmic connections between NO-jazz, rhythm & blues, funk, the whole caboodle: it's all there. This book is bound (and deserves) to be/become a classic..."

Rick Latham (author of Advanced Funk Studies)
"Antoon, who are you to write such an excellent book?"

Cesar Zuiderwijk (drummer Golden Earring)
"Antoon, quick, send me two more books!"

John Engels (jazz drum legend)
"Holy smoke, what a great book".

About the author
For info on drumlessons contact me. Drumlessen in Enschede? Neem gerust contact op 06 112 90 773.
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Drummer, arranger and former tapdancer Antoon Aukes (1954) is an accomplished performer and teacher of vintage drumstyles, specialyzing in Second Line drumming. Among others he performed internationally with "Tiny" Moore (ex Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys), Santiago Jimenez Jr. (Texas conjunto master), Tim O'Brien (Americana master,, "Sax" Gordon Beadle (W.C. Handy-award nominee, and Guadalupe Urbina (Costa Rican singer

After finishing his studies at the music conservatory in 1982, Antoon has been active as a music educator since, covering a widespread field of teaching facilities, from schools to universities, from classes to individuals. Since 1986 Antoon teaches music at the Concordia Arts & Culture Centre and at the Music School Twente in Enschede, The Netherlands, where he lives.

In 2009 I teached music in Indonesia for 3 weeks.

In august 2011 I travelled 4 weeks through Brasil to study their great rhythms. In Recife I gave a workshop on my book on New Orleans drumming. That was a great thing to do. Some 25 drummers - and they sure know how to play drums! - were very pleased with the info and reacted enthousiasticly. Together we discussed the parallels between N.O. and Brasilian grooves. This resulted in a new plan to combine the two: second line samba! To be continued.

To hear Antoon play follow these sites:
- western swing with Panhandle Swing
- percussion with Choros Quintet
- cajon with worldmusic choir Intervocaal.

Mr. Aukes has been studying New Orleans drumming ever since Dr. John the Night Tripper's "Gumbo" album came out in 1972. He started writing on SECOND LINE in 1995. An important part of the book's research took place in New Orleans, where Antoon took drumlessons from Johnny Vidacovich (jazz, see Links), Fred Staehle (R&B) and Barry Martyn (trad. jazz). He also researched the Hogan Jazz Archive at the Tulane University in New Orleans, see Links. In 1999, Mr. Bruce Reaburn, curator of the Hogan Jazz Archive, read and annotated the first manuscript of SECOND LINE. With Dr. John Antoon had three extensive meetings, resulting in Dr. John's writing of a foreword to the book, see Homepage.

Aukes in audio

Al the mp3 files on this site were recorded by the author and taken from the book. More CDtracks from the book taken from all chapters, may be heard on (Select 'Deutsch' for language and click on New Orleans Drumming on the left).

Visit Youtube under "Panhandle Swing".

Looking for an interesting workshop, for drummers and non-drummers?
- Drumming for Dummies
- Early Jazz & Early Drumming
- Clowning plus Mindfullness = Clownfullness
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Contents in chapters
Foreword by Dr. John (Mac Rebennack)

PART ONE 1900-1945

Chapter 1
New Orleans Brass Bands
double drums style

Chapter 2
Traditional Jazz
early drum set style

PART TWO 1945 - 1970

Chapter 3
Rhythm and Blues
modern drum set style

Chapter 4
From R&B to Soul and Funk
drum set style

PART THREE 1970 - 2000

Chapter 5
From Traditional to Modern Brass Band
double drums modern style

Chapter 6
Modern Second Line
drum set style

PART FOUR Drum Technique

Chapter 7
Main Elements of Second Line Drumming

Chapter 8


Contents in detail

New Orleans brass bands - double drums - bass drum - cymbals:'coat hanger'- bass drum Iegends - snare drum: time roll - Paul Barbarin - stick rebounce - a New Orleans parade - the classic New Orleans two-beat - function - 'double rap' downbeat - variation - anachronism - dance: Second Line dancing - cadence - timing - Baby Dodds - cadence and intro - eight-bar drum intro - eight-bar scheme - variations of bars 3 and 4 - Josiah "Cie" Frazier - 'drag shot' - funeral parades - social aid clubs - "second line" - slow dirges - brass band repertoire - song structure - melodic drumming - turn around

early drum sets - bass drum pedal - cymbals: bass drum side cymbal - early drum sound - bass drum - traps - cymbals: 'choked' cymbal - four-beat - blues - role of the drums in New Orleans music - melody dominance - seating of the drums - Afro-American rhythm-melody - soloing - early drumming in New Orleans - 1917 "Jass" - Tony Sbarbaro - cross phrasing - early jazz drumming as played by Baby Dodds - drum set - timing: contrast of timing - contrasting sounds - use of toms - benefit of the band - snare drum: 'light hands' - rim - cowbells - the hi-hat - sit-down bands - 'hi-hat' - Chick Webb's hi-hat - Dodds and the hi-hat - use of hi-hat - brushes - song structure: out chorus - Joe Watkins - travelers - early jazz and dixieland - dancing: use of tempo - time

introduction - evolving jazz - cymbals - the rhythm section - timing - new directions - bebop - rhythm and blues - riffs - rhythm and blues in New Orleans - drums in New Orleans rhythm and blues - bass drum - snare drum - shuffles - New Orleans R&B bands - Latin American influence in rhythm and blues I - Afro-Carribean rhythm elements - drum patterns - rhumba pattern - rhumba boogie piano - early rhumba boogie recordings with rhumba drum patterns - drum set and conga - Latin American influence in rhythm and blues II - drum patterns: cascara - drum patterns: conga accents - timing - Latin American influence in rhythm and blues III - the Cuban clave and the New Orleans two-beat - snare drum: clave patterns - 1950's Second Line pattern - 'three-two' pattern - three-note bass rhythm - varying on the clave - Mardi Gras Indians - music - influence - Carnival/Mardi Gras rhythm

studios - studio sound - 'funky' - Earl Palmer - style - use of drags - jazz background - setups - drum patterns: double time - snare drum: time on snare - Little Richard - Drum Village - dancing: tap dance - timing: mixed timing - Charles 'Hungry' Williams - bass drum - 'Tenoo' Coleman - rock and roll - 1958 - Ed 'Boogie' Blackwell - John Boudreaux - song structure: eight-bar blues - 'rawmp and frolic' - tambourine - AFO Records - influence - drum patterns: grooving - James Brown beat - Robert French - Smokey Johnson - June Gardner - Zigaboo Modeliste - drum patterns: funk - The Meters - Second Line on record - dancing: the Popeye - travelers

Second Line crowds - Vernel Fournier

short history of N.O. brass bands - origins - line up - early double drumming - time line - line up - brass bands recordings before 1960 - Bunk's BB '45 - Zenith BB '46 - Eureka BB '51 - Eureka BB '56/'58 - Young Tuxedo BB '58 - bb repertoire - brass bands after 1960 - new initiatives - Olympia BB '62 - Gibson BB '63 - Onward BB '65 - Eagle BB '66 - Paulin's MB '80 - modern styles 1970-1980 - use of sax - bass drum - Dirty Dozen BB - modern style bb - repertoire - double drums modern style - influence - Rebirth BB - Dejan's Olympia BB - post modern bb - the 1990's - Rebirth BB - second lining on the www.

the 1970's - revival - Jazz&Heritage Fest. - 'Street Parade' - Prof. Longhair - Dr. John's Gumbo - The Meters - Walking to N.O. - Mardi Gras Indians - Neville Bros. - the 1980's - Iko Iko variations - modern sounds - modern bb - international acclaim - Johnny Vidacovich - Astral Project - the 1990's - Herlin Riley - Dirty Dozen - Goin' Back to N.O. - Herman Ernest - Iko Iko variations - Zigaboo Modeliste - Raymond Weber - Idris Muhammad - Big Easy Fantasy - Adonis Rose, Shannon Powell, Gerald French - travelers - rhythm heritage - Peter Erskine - Dave Weckl - restraint - Backbeat

Main elements of Second Line drumming - technique and style - accent on the 2nd bar-4th beat - rolls on snare - melodic drumming - use of timing - attitude - rhythm patterns - Second Line rhythm patterns - Afro-Caribbean rhythm patterns

exercises - relaxation - Ch.1: two-piece rhythm sections - positions - 'coat hanger' - independance - sound effects - cymbal - how to make your own coat hanger - time roll - hands - variations - play-a-long - cadence - sticking - press roll sticking - 'drag shot' - Ch.2: choked cymbal - four-beat - more dynamics - cross phrasing - again dynamics - Ch.3 - Ch.4 - use of drags - tap dance - John Boudreaux - relaxation - the Meters - Ch.5: double drums modern style - play-a-long - Ch.6

Notes - Glossary - Bibliography - books, methods, video's - CD contents - Index

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