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Welcome to the New Orleans Drumming website
"where you can second line on-line"

All about the classic grooves from the city were jazz and rock & roll drumming were born. Here you'll find transcriptions, audio files and lots of links.

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Antoon Aukes heeft een conservatoriumopleiding en werkt al 30 jaar als muzikant
en muziekleraar.
Lessen in drums, cajon/djembé, gitaar en tapdans - 1e les gratis.
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Antoon werkt ook op basisscholen met diverse projecten en clownvoorstellingen.
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SECOND LINE, 100 Years of New Orleans Drumming

All the info on this site is taken from the book "SECOND LINE, 100 Years of New Orleans Drumming", by Antoon Aukes. serves as an appendix to this book and is hosted by the author.

"SECOND LINE, 100 Years of New Orleans Drumming" is published by the C.L. Barnhouse Company.
It has been 10 years since my book was published by Barnhouse Co. Last februari showed that in these years over 1000 copies have been sold. Thank you all, you second liners all over the globe. Keep on.
See "About the book".


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Modern Drummer.....xxxxx

Ton v. Bergeijk........This is the ultimate book on NO-drumming. I'm not a drummer, I'm a guitarist (and rhythm-section man) and this book has given me insight in the rhythmic connections between NO-jazz, rhythm & blues, funk, the whole caboodle: it's all there. This book is bound (and deserves) to be/become a classic....

For more reviews see About the book

Foreword to "SECOND LINE" by DR. JOHN the Night Tripper

This book is essential to any drummer interested in New Orleans drummin': it covers the fundamental second line and fonk styles. SECOND LINE begins with the traditional brass band use of the bass drum and cymbal, where the various snare players play 'on the clave' and other syncopated feels. The book then explains the evolution of two-beats, timerolls and sock cymbals, into the early forms of jazz, as played by the great drummers like Paul Barbarin, Zutty Singleton and Baby Dodds. These cats majorly influenced the shape of rhythm to come.

There's a great understanding in Aukes' writing, of Earl Palmer's massive contribution to the rhythm and blues and rock and roll of New Orleans, beginning in the 1950's and '60's. SECOND LINE shows many of the innovations of Charles "Hungry" Williams, John Boudreaux, Smokey Johnson, Zigaboo Modeliste and so many more, that contributed to the New Orleans funk scene and great brass band revival.

I personally checked this book over with many of the drummers written about, like Smokey, Idris Muhammad and Herman Ernest. It gives powerful examples of each one of them. SECOND LINE 100 years of New Orleans drumming, follows the branches of the trees of New Orleans drummin' straight from the roots.

New York, 2000
Dr. John (Mac Rebennack)

Dr. John and Antoon Aukes, backstage at Paradiso, Amsterdam

Frequently asked question
FAQ: "What on earth is "Second Line" supposed to mean?"
ASW: "On page 143 it says: second line: crowd following a funeral parade (in New Orleans) Second Line: music based on typical New Orleans style drumming, or the drumming itself."
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